“What can we eat, how can we exercise and what lifestyle factors can we adjust to keep us as healthy, healthy and capable as possible for years? What have we adapted to for millions of years? Evolution does not give us all answers, but it is a really good starting point for the question of what works for us humans ”

Terry Cloth And Its Varied Uses

Developing something is just one of the most gratifying activities in life. It assists you to pass time as well as likewise offers you a feeling of achievement. It boosts your self esteem and also sense of self worth. It matters not whether you produce something small or huge; the vital facet is exploring your imagination and also unleashing your surprise abilities. Regarding creativity is concerned, various people have various preferences. There are some individuals that like to create things out of materials like terry fabric. Terry towel can be used for creating a variety of suggestions for your deck, cooking area and even shower room. It can be found in a huge selection of colors and also has an absorbing and a soft structure. To develop something with this textile all you need is a tapestry needle, polyester fiberfill, string as well as sewing maker, adhesive weapon and little towels and bathroom sheet. Stock up the materials and start! Different areas of your house have different requirements troy bilt tiller won't stay running.

A cooking area requires hand towels, flooring rugs and also slide covers. Slip covers are rather simple to make. All you need are 3 large size terry cloth towels in the colors you want. Change the original covering with these terry cloth towels. Affix the towels to the chair with a staple gun and also you have a slip on all set! You can also make a floor rug or a bathroom mat for your shower room or cooking area. Terry towel rugs are rather absorbent so they will aid in maintaining the wetness away. Merely trim the sides of two towels into the desired size. After that sew the edges with each other. Make certain that you maintain an opening of concerning four inches. Transform the mat through the opening to the best side out. Sew the opening closed as well as your mat prepares! You can also individualize towels in your kitchen. All you need is your sewing maker and program it to the wanted setting for embroidery.

You can either stitch a style or your initials in the edges. Let the style be visible for all to see. You can even alter the cover of your lounge chair. All you need is a terry cloth bathroom sheet which can be covered over the easy chair. Connect the sides with the glue as well as your lounge chair cover prepares! If you wish to unwind entirely, you require to unwind your neck. The most effective way to do this is to make use of a neck cushion. It's rather very easy to stitch one. All you require is a piece of terry textile approximately 12 by 14 inches. Make a tube by sewing three sides, two long and also one short side. Load some fiber in it and after that sew the opening. Your pool side neck cushion prepares! These are simply several of making uses of terry towel. All you need is some imagination to consider more imaginative means to utilize this towel! It will not simply help you to utilize your time well but also conserve money. Additionally, you can also present some of these items to your pals as well as family.

Pattern and style making in the production of embroidery digitizing designs is the process of formation of actual embroidery. A digitizing firm will take the original image of the artwork and adjust it according to your wish that's why it looks attractive as well as sensational on different products. If you wish to run a digitizing organization you should have some essential things. In the beginning, digitizing styles look daunting yet it is an extremely simple process. You can develop as well as set style by pushing minority switches by using a maker. Allow's review all the required points. An artist produces the concept of style and also this artist is called a designer. A developer recognizes the needlework's abilities water heater turned on without water. They recognize the various embroidery types contain punching actions on the clothes by using a needle. They can develop various loops by using a thread that is pulled via products. If you have an attractive logo design yet your embroidery design is looking informal, your entire embroidery is destroyed ducane furnace pressure switch open with inducer on. By employing a designer you can accomplish the most effective possible aesthetic outcomes. Designers can develop various styles as well as these are converted and digitized to embroidery equipment formats ducane furnace pressure switch open with inducer on.

They can make them in specific sizes and these are best for those brands that require sizing adjustments. The addition of art in the fabric is called needlework. By using different embroidery patterns on the textile are valuable to make them more commercial and gorgeous. Unfortunately, most people do not understand about the restrictions of digitizing. Unlike the weaving and printing equipments, there are some limitations of width and also length in digitizing makers. Of course, their costs additionally matter. In digitizing threads create floral related distinctive patterns that influence the end product's quality. It is an economical service if you wish to make your firm name more preferred. You can download and install these patterns from the net. These creative embroidery patterns are ideal for putting on anything according to your need. You can order any type of pleasing photo according to your requirement and it will develop an one-of-a-kind impact on your fabric. Their high-quality stuff makes your service motivating.

How to Get Clear Skin in a Few Simple Ways

Best Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin

For many women and men, learning how to get clear skin is important. For a majority of people, having perfect skin that is free of blemishes goes a long way in having high self-esteem. This is because they are free to go out in public and feel confident in doing so. Facing the world is easy to do. However, most of us want to know how to get clear skin, and we see it as a challenge that affects our lives. There are various acne solutions that may work for those who feel that they are the worst cases. Of course, these people will have to find what will effectively work for them, and when they do, their healthy skin will truly glow.

Simply browsing at the Best Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin Review will show you that there are several options that you can try in order to attain the blemish-free perfect skin you've been longing for. To all of you, this is finally some good news! Here you will find some good tips on how to get clear skin that can help you accomplish just that. For instance, the most important thing that should be done in an attempt to get clear skin is to kill the bacteria. There are many antibacterial cleansers that contain Triclosan, but acne can become resistant to this, so it is better to use natural skin products instead. We have finally finished our extensive research, and we have published exclusive reviews for the top acne solutions sold in the market today. You can find those at the top right-hand side. Note that our rankings are general indications after studying every factor, but that doesn't mean that the top choice is always the best for you. Depending on your skin type and the severity of your acne, you may find that the second or the third product is best for you. That is why I highly recommend that you go through them one by one before deciding which product is good for you.

After you read through our reviews, see to it that you choose an acne solution that is right for your skin. Browse the ingredients, pay attention to known acne-fighting elements such as active Manuka honey and tea tree oil, and above all, make sure that your chosen product is right for your skin type. Starting with clear skin tips that hit a basis like this, one will get you on your way to clearer skin. Along with using a cleansing product, an essential part of my guide on how to get clear skin is using a daily moisturizer as well. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that you should use one that contains plant-based oils since they do not clog the pores.

In addition to using a product to help kill bacteria, you must eat healthy food. I am sure you have heard of a clear skin diet, right? Well, there are different, and not to mention, delicious foods that can provide you with that perfect skin that you so long for. Try eating mushy fruits such as mangos as these have more than 80 % of daily vitamin A needs. It helps restore old facial cells and rejuvenate dry and blotchy skin. Vitamin A also acts as an antioxidant and keeps the skin glowing naturally. Not only can mango help, but it is an essential part of any clear skin diet.

Avocados, too, are rich in protein, omega three and are full of antioxidants which are good for overall health. The B complex is responsible for providing smooth and young-looking skin. One avocado a day will give you 27% of your daily needs of vitamins for healthy skin.

Well, at this point, I should say that there is no magic "how to get clear skin overnight" guide here. And that's because there is no such thing! These clear skin tips, however, will help you get on your way to having beautiful, glowing, and all-around perfect skin.

Movie Review: Wild

movie review-wild-01

If nothing else can motivate one to blog then maybe a good movie can do it.
Following a tip from a gentleman in my photo group, I watched tonight the movie Wild, by and with Reese Witherspoon. A little doubtful I was over whether the girl from Legally Blonde could make herself into a movie about wilderness life, but she made an absolutely fantastic effort!
Wild is by far the best movie I've seen, and I commuted between whether it was worth a 3a or a 4a in ratings, but after letting the movie sink in a bit it still got to be a 4a.

Why do I like it then?
If you enjoy the movie Into the Wild then you can stop reading already here, and just go and see Wild. It is in about the same spirit, and other similar movies are, for example, Tracks, or to some extent also Splinterheads. Common to these films is that they are about a broken person who comes from a tangled and diverse background, and now goes out into the wilderness to "find himself".
I do not give much to that, although it is often the main purpose of the film. You don't have to be broke to go on an adventure, and the large stock for my own part is precisely the inspiration I get to spend more time in nature.
In Wild, we follow Sheryl (Reese Witherspoon) as she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail that runs through the United States, from Mexico up to Canada. A long and tough joke, especially for someone who is poorly prepared and lacks experience. Her adventures are constantly mixed with flashbacks to what led her to leave, and you get a greater understanding of what she is fleeing from. The film also offers a beautiful photo which does not make things worse.

For my own part, I have long been very fond of my light toe shoes, and something that attracts me is to start walking in them. Dry as wet, cold as warm, there are many who swear that toe shoes or at least light shoes are the new black when it comes to long walks. No coarse heavy boots that make the hike unnecessarily heavy, and keep the moisture inside once the feet get wet. With light, quick-drying shoes you can let your feet soak as long as the water is heated and kept in the shoe, and that you dry and warm your feet at every break.
I am not a walking expert, but I like the concept of lightweight packing, and simple equipment. The big problem, of course, is to combine it with the photo equipment, which weighs a lot even though I use mirrorless system camera.

You see, I have already started planning hiking.
Hopefully it will be possible for at least a day hike in beautiful surroundings in New Zealand in a month, and after that we will see if I take my shoes out in the Swedish soil as well.
Anyone want to come along?

MovNat in Gothenburg

During the weekend that just passed, I went across the country to Gothenburg for a two-day workshop on MovNat.
I have written some of MovNat on and off on this blog, as I think they have a very good philosophy on how to exercise. It is even that I want to go as far as to say that it is the most healthy form of physical exercise. How is it that?
The reasons are several, and include:

  • Varied workout where you can activate just the entire body, which reduces the risk of wear on individual muscles
  • Focus on movements rather than training muscles and muscle groups. This will force you to train your technique and mobility before you can start to overload your muscles.
  • You train your body as a whole, which leads to better coordination and body awareness.
  • MovNat contains everything from strength and fitness to balance and mobility.
  • The training takes place as much as possible outdoors, which gives you a healthy contact with nature.
  • The moments often require high concentration, which also stimulates the brain.
  • Part of the training is about working together, and then not just training in the same room, but carrying out tasks that require collaboration. The social part is also important for health.

MovNat focuses entirely on giving us the ability to use our bodies as they were intended to be used, ie for movement in all different forms. Walking, running, climbing, balancing, or getting on all fours. Relatively simple steps that are nevertheless incredibly challenging as you increase intensity.
It is also easy to get humbled by how inefficient you are in your movements, compared to those who have been training for a while.
Of course, injury risks are also associated with training, a conclusion you can draw from looking at the picture above. In addition to sitting on the railing, he went, and we, even back on it. The risk of falling and getting hit is not insignificant, and personally I chose not to be overbearing during this risky moment. However, risks exist in all forms of exercise, and throughout life. Perhaps the greatest risk lies in not exercising, and thus becoming even more unprotected against the stresses of everyday life. Another detail that makes me want to highlight MovNat as the most healthy form of exercise is of course that they also highlight the natural, healthy and nutritious paleo diet as recommended food. During this two-day seminar, nothing was raised more than in passing, but if you go to a week-long training camp, good and nutrient-dense paleo food is served every day.

This weekend's workshop was led by Joseph Bartz, which operates its own training facility in Berlin, Germany.
He was very knowledgeable and of course skilled in the movements he taught. We started the days indoors at Kettlebell Center in Gothenburg where we heated our tough joints, groin and knees, as well as trained balance, hand hanging from a railing, and built a couple of different obstacle courses that we would get through most efficiently.
In the afternoon we made our way to the playground at Slottsskogen, where it was crowded by kids, exercisers and other people who involuntarily became our spectators. At first I thought it felt embarrassing to crawl across the ground among those sitting and having a picnic, or swinging across the railing among all children and parents, but it soon let go and we got a lot of curious questions from both children and adults. Of course, the little ones also think it's fun to watch adults move around and "play", instead of just sitting on a bench and watching.
A couple of times during the day, a large group on Segway passed through the park, and Joseph very correctly argued that they were probably the antithesis of what we were doing.

The workshop included basics in virtually all movements except swimming and fighting, or self-defense. It is something that goes deeper into the week-long seminar, and I am definitely still very keen to go on one of these, as they are often held in exotic places like Thailand or Costa Rica.

Health challenge autumn 2013

Summer is coming to an end, and we really can't complain about the beautiful weather we've had for most of the holiday months. Is it just me, or have there been fewer insects this year too? Probably just me ..
I know that I have been extremely poor at keeping blogs and facebook groups alive, and I cannot promise that there will be any major improvement in the near future. The ambition is to get started again, but first, motivation and desire must be found, and it may take the time needed.

We'll still be eating well during the time, so now my girlfriend and I are starting a month's health challenge again. You are all warmly welcomed to join us!
I wrote one posts last year which can be read again, as the challenge in prinicip looks the same this year. Also, of course a whole section of the blog describing the health challenge we conducted together with Crossfit Kalmar at the beginning of the year. Read on if you are curious about what this is all about.

Unlike last year, I will not make any bad updates this time. Again, I apologize and pardon that the countervailing to my online presence is low, but you should know that I really appreciate that it still brings in new subscribers, companions and comments.
In the Primalist facebook group, some posts will appear during the month, albeit not daily.

One dispute that me and the girl will add this time around is that we should try to keep food costs down significantly. Paleo on a budget as it is so nice usually hot. When the challenge is over, I plan to write a post about how things went, as well as some tips and tricks so that the food costs should not be so expensive. Do you have suggestions and ideas here so please share with you! You really don't have to be a high-income person to be able to eat healthy.

Write a line if you also intend to participate in a health challenge, and feel free to join and comment in the facebook group!
Sure yes, it should perhaps be said that we will carry out the challenge throughout the month of September, starting now on Sunday. Personally, we will start with a 24-hour fast.
Go for it!

Advertising on the Primalist

You must have reached some kind of milestone as a blogger when asked to advertise on your blog?
My spontaneous reaction was to refuse no, as I myself have never directly bothered to click on advertising banners on other people's blogs, and if it is completely riddled with advertising then the whole page just looks rude.
What still made me consult with myself was that in this case, these are products that I still believe in, and have actually recommended myself here on the blog since the start. Namely, supplements of good quality in the form of omega-3, vitamin-D, and magnesium. Just the three supplements I consider to be a smart addition to the diet, if needed. A fourth could possibly be a supplement of digestive enzyme.

With this post, I would therefore like to ask your readers what you think about advertising on the blog? Is there anything you would disturb? Is there anything you would click on if you plan to buy the supplements?
My income is of course a small part of what is traded through the links. I like myself Angelo Coppolas view of advertising, when he only advertises for things he uses himself and personally recommends.

Short information on the different supplements, and if you want to shop through my page, click on the banner below, or the one in the margin to the right.

  • Omega 3
    If you already eat oily fish a couple of times a week, you probably do not need to supplement with more fish oil. If you do not do so, it may be worth looking into the supplement, as omega-3 has many good properties, which is still considered quite well known. You will find omega-3 in the leaves of some plants and algae, but this is usually not the way you get yourself into omega-3. A more accurate description is that it is our food that eats these plants, and thus fish, seafood and grass-fed creature are enriched with omega-3, which is one of the reasons why we should choose grass-fed meat over inferior quality meat.
    Omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is important, among other things, to maintain a good balance between omega-3 and omega-6 (which is pro-inflammatory). You probably already get more than enough of Omega-6 in you. A ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 2 between omega-3 and omega-6 would be optimal, but with the diet many people eat today, ration does not often end up as skewed as 1:10 or 1:20. Previously, it was recommended to simply stop a substantial dose of omega-3 to balance this, but a better idea is to lower the intake of omega-6, for example, by stopping eating vegetable oils, and cutting the consumption of many nuts. .
    Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil is good for cardiovascular health, for the brain, and for increased resistance to autoimmune diseases, as well as for skin.
  • Vitamin D
    Here, I would also like to start by saying that you will probably get enough of the vitamin if you stay out in the sun in the summers, as the body produces its own vitamin D from cholesterol when the sun's UV rays hit the skin.
    However, the Swedish climate is not very sunny at all times, and especially in the winter, supplementation can be a smart move. In this case too, you can get the vitamin by eating fatty fish, but otherwise a meal supplement can be good. Vitamin-D is good for, for example, skeletons, muscles and immune systems.
  • Magnesium
    You get magnesium the natural way by eating again many types of fish, but also through leafy vegetables such as spinach, or nuts and seeds, as well as dark chocolate and mineral water. The content of magnesium in vegetables depends a lot on the soil in which they are grown, and it is not always that the soil is particularly nutritious. Magnesium is good for bone and muscle. If you exercise a lot, the magnesium improves the muscle's recovery ability. Magnesium is also important for mental health, and deficiency can lead to concentration difficulties, among other things. Your sleep is also affected by your intake of magnesium.

If you already eat well, and spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun and nature, you probably do not need to supplement with supplements. If, on the other hand, you feel that your diet is anything but optimal, or if you are curious about any improvements, feel free to test the supplements above and feel for yourself how it feels.

Can grass-grazing cows save the world?

The vast majority who change their diet according to a basic paleolithic philosophy definitely places the greatest focus on improving their own health in the first place by eating real, fresh and nutritious food. One problem that is faced then is that the production of food all over the world hardly does much good for the environment, and this applies to the meat industry to a great extent. However, we see that more and more thought and energy is being put into the sustainability issue, and for example this year's Paleo FX conference will have just sustainable development as the main theme.

In this TED lecture, Allan Savory talks about his work in Africa, where he researches and works to stop desertification. This is by allowing grass-grazing livestock to move over the fields, grazing grass, enriching the soil with the faeces they generate and in doing so get the vegetation to begin to grow. The general view has otherwise been that the large livestock herds are part of the cause of desertification.

What does this mean then?
Widespread vegetation, among other things, leads to increased food production for the large proportion of the world's population living in dry climates, but also to bind carbon dioxide in the soil to prevent, and even reverse the greenhouse effect.
Prevents desertification, reduced greenhouse effect, improved living conditions for the world's poor, increased production of high quality grass pasture. What's not to like?

Now I'm far from any expert in the field, so I don't draw too big conclusions from this.
Anyway, what I see and hear is incredibly interesting from a sustainability perspective, and hopefully Allan's work will be scrutinized by politically colorless eyes with no profit, by people who, unlike me, know what they're talking about.

Have a look at the lecture, and tell us what you think.

Geocaching, an adventure where the modern meets the ancient

Maybe you already know what the term means, but more likely you are just seeing a tricky word in front of you without any comprehensible meaning. For you, here comes an explanation for an activity that fits perfectly into an active lifestyle.
You will find most of the important lifestyle factors highlighted in paleo contexts in geocaching. Certainly, the diet is not affected, but rather exercise and social interaction with others, and perhaps especially the contact with our ancient nature.
After reading this article you will hopefully discover that it is an exciting and fun activity that may be something for you too.

In short
The basics of geocaching can be summarized in two simple steps.

  1. Someone is hiding a box somewhere in the world, containing a logbook and a pen. He then posts the coordinates to the location atgeocaching.com.
  2. Someone else goes out to find the box, and then logs his name and today's date in the logbook.

Geeky? Yes!
But before you judge geocaching, I want to show what these simple two steps can actually bring, and what you can find during the journey more than a logbook and a pen.
Personally, I have been doing geocaching since 2009, and it has taken me to many strange and exciting places that I had never discovered otherwise, such as a cliff jump high above the ground in Germany in the picture below. It has also led to some dreadful situation, such as in Tunisia where we were stopped by a policeman who asked very much what our GPS would be used for.
Exercise we have got a lot along the way.

Your guide to Geocaching
It all began in 2000 when the GPS system became available to the public and not just to the military. Of course, it wasn't long before a nerd came up with the brilliant idea of ​​hiding a bucket of lids in the woods, and then letting others try to find it with the help of the new exciting system. That bucket was hidden somewhere in Oregon, USA, thus becoming the world's first geocache. The place is still there. In the days we passed just two million geocaches worldwide. Two million small and big adventures if you wish, and here is something for all tastes.

The thrill of geocaching is different for different people. There are more aspects to this pleasure than just writing their name in a logbook. Also, do not think that it is just an activity for exciting young people. I don't know how many retirement couples I've met these years, but that's a lot. If you have a dog it is a perfect opportunity to bring it out, and if you have children it is incredibly exciting for those with a real treasure hunt.
With as many as two million laid-out caches, of course, there are a lot that may seem superfluous and meaningless, but the basic principle is that behind every cache there should be a meaning and purpose, and that it should not just be randomly laid out.
Some examples of what different participants may be looking for.

  • The cache is located in an unusually beautiful place.
    This is something I look for when we are traveling. Local geocachers are, of course, usually familiar with the scattered sites in their immediate area, and therefore place a geocache in spectacular places that are not necessarily visible in the tourist brochures.
  • The cache is intricately hidden and challenging to find.
    Each cache has two factors that are rated on a scale of 1 - 5, where a higher figure presents a more difficult challenge. The two factors are terrain, as well as difficulty in finding. Personally, I like hides that are in more challenging terrain, but once I'm in the place I'm usually not that interested in looking for several hours before I find the box. Others like the challenge of finding a well-hidden and easily accessible cache, where some require, for example, climbing equipment, boat or diving equipment. As an example, I previously found a hide that was hidden inside a tree branch and then attached to a tree. Just difficult?
  • To log as many caches as possible, and preferably first of all.
    Some are very active and are attracted by being the first to log a recently released cache. The same people also tend to be the ones who have logged hundreds, or thousands of caches.
  • To learn something.
    Each cache comes with a description of the place, and often you get to learn a lot about the history of the area you are in. It can be very interesting.

Meet the women in my life

Okay, of course, the only woman in my life is my girlfriend!
And Mom.

However, there are some ladies that I usually suffer from on and off when I come to the box to work out. Ever since its inception, certain specific combinations of crossfit exercises with women's names have been named. Maybe for the same reason you name storms and hurricanes for the same, what do I know.
But don't worry! In the name of equality, there are also many workouts that have been given male names, and then mainly named after American soldiers who have fallen in battle. Here I found a nice infographic that I want to share, over the most common crossfit passport with women's names. A poster that is clear and good for quickly finding an exercise you want to test yourself in.

Meet The Girls CrossFit Benchmark Workouts Infographic

Slim ice cream simple, right?

It's always fun with easy-to-understand and graphically appealing descriptions of more complex phenomena. Maybe that's why I like infographics, or movies like this one.
This video has been spinning online for a while, but I want to give it some attention here as well.

Is it so easy to stay healthy as described in the movie? Basically, yes.
The difficult thing is to resist the temptations of the useless, which of course holds true to it. On the other hand, gaining knowledge about what is healthy is not as complicated as we are led to believe, and only by having that knowledge can we make informed and thoughtful choices every time we eat.

I may not agree with every little detail of the video, but it doesn't matter. It is appealing, rewarding and simple.
In order to get as many people as possible to make better diet choices, I think the best method is to paint with the big brush, instead of delving into details. Get someone to give up sugar and wheat, and that person has suddenly taken a huge step toward better health. Perhaps this is enough, rather than having to feel excessive with too much detailed information.
In addition, if you have noticed the results of such simple changes, it is not uncommon for you to start looking for more explanations, or more factors you can improve for the sake of your health.

Primalistens Paleoutmaning 2013

Here we go again. At the end of the summer, we conducted a dietary challenge that yielded really good results on both weight, waist size, and general health. Now we intend to do the same thing again.
The big difference this time around is that I've posted one own challenge here on the blog, where all the information is on how to go to it. I intend to screw it up and change it further, but the basis for a complete challenge is there, so you don't have to spend money on any book or similar. The content itself is ok, but I want to make it more clear and graphically neat, something that is difficult with the limitations of a blog.

This time, I also coordinate the challenge with Crossfit Kalmar, which selected January 21 as the start date. It may have been a bit messy for those who were set to start on January 1st, but hopefully things have been going well for you anyway, and if you haven't already started, I really want to encourage you to take care now. Beginning on Monday and for 30 days ahead, I will provide daily updates on what we eat here in the household, and just like last time we stay on our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/primalisten) where you are terribly happy to come in with your own food updates, comments, questions and peppers.

You can see how the challenge goes if you look in the top right corner of this page, or check out what was written in August.

Are you interested in joining? Then do the following.

  1. Go to facebook and "like" Primalisten, you will receive daily updates on how we are doing and what we are eating.
  2. read information about the challenge. It's not very much.
  3. Use this weekend preparationsuch as boiling broth and cooking mayonnaise.

So we go together on Monday.
Good luck! 🙂

Recipe: Banana pancake

Prescription web pancake-01This is a personal favorite for breakfast here at home, as it is both high in protein and contains good fats, but above all it is of course very good.
The recipe is taken and modified from Jonas Coltings cookbook. I prefer to make the pancake in an oven shape because it then stands and prepares itself while I have time to do other things, such as morning burpees. The batter, of course, is just as good to roast as regular pancakes, or do as Jonas himself and pour everything into the frying pan and stir around to some form of egg scrambled eggs.

2 people

  • 1 banana
  • 5-6 eggs
  • 1 large click of almond butter (or just almond flour)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Quantities of cinnamon


  1. Pour all ingredients into a mixing pot, or mix with a stick.
  2. Bake for 20 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees, or cook in a frying pan.

To add luxury to it, you can top with, for example, chopped almonds or pumpkin seeds before inserting the mold into the oven. Try out how much of each ingredient suits you best. Serve with berries (fresh or frozen), coconut milk and a cup of smoking fresh coffee.